Mutual Curiosity

Join the Interfaith Center of Northeast for our new monthly “Mutual Curiosity” series. These events will have a blended format, so you can hear from a compelling speaker on an interfaith topic, ask them some questions and share discussion with diverse friends from across the Jacksonville community.  This monthly series will be a chance to showcase voices from our Board and our diverse religious community. Some voices speaking this year will include Sabeen Perwaiz speaking on how TEDxJax has built community around ideas, and our own Joey McKinnon sharing on Faithful Politics. Other speakers will include representatives from religious communities.




Monday, March 16

7 – 8pm

“So You Want to Learn about your Neighbor’s Faith: What to Read or Watch for Great Information”

Due to caution about the Coronavirus, we will be no longer meeting in person for the Monday March 16 education event with Dr. Lucinda Mosher but will be moving the gathering online. We want to ensure that no one is put at risk and that we in no way contribute to the spread of this dangerous virus.

However, we are confident you will still have a rich experience with Dr. Mosher as she uses the Zoom Videoconferencing platform to share her talk.

Lucinda Mosher, faculty associate in interfaith studies at Hartford Seminary, specializes in helping people to understand religious diversity and address multifaith concerns. She’ll talk about her multifaceted interfaith work as she introduces you to books, articles, videos, and websites full of accurate and useful information about America’s many religions.

Dr.Lucinda Mosher

Tuesday January 21 7-8pm

“Non-Religious belongs in Interfaith”
Kalilah Jamall, Interfaith Specialist at University of North Florida, will share what it’s like being Non-Religious involved in Interfaith communities. She’ll share her story of growing up in an African-American Muslim family and finding friends in college through Interfaith friendship.  

Kalilah Jamall