Sunday, June 18, 2:30 pm,  The Lounge at 303 North Main Library, 303 Laura St. N. 

Special book discussion withHaroon Moghul, author of How to Be a Muslim: An American Story. The young Muslim leader’s memoir highlights his struggle to conform to an American Muslim identity. (Author photo by Rick Bern)
Haroon Moghul is a Senior Fellow at The Center for Global Policy. He’s a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University in Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies. His research focus is Islamic thought in late colonial India. He’s a widely­ recognized speaker on Islamic thought and Muslim history, and the author of The Order of Light (Penguin 2006). Haroon’s writings have been featured on Foreign Policy, Boston Review, Salon, Tikkun, Religion Dispatches, Al­Jazeera and Dawn. He is a Fellow at the Institute of Social Policy and Understanding and Senior Editor at The Islamic Monthly.