Refugees and Religion Faith-Based Perspectives

A Jewish – Muslim Conversation

Monday April 25      |  6:15 – 9 pm   |  Jacksonville Jewish Center

A program of interfaith dialogue & friendship followed by an Iftar Dinner during the month of Ramadan.
Jewish, Muslim, and interfaith communities joined together for the 6th Interfaith study program, for an evening to share food faith and friendship.

With the backdrop of the war in Ukriane, an assault on democratic rights at home, the religious perspectives on refugees and freedom from a Jewish and Muslim scriptual references and perspectives were discussed.

We were delighted to return to holding a festive meal to break fasting and serve Iftar, the traditional meal eaten by Muslims to end their daily fast during Ramadan. Chefs of all faiths cooked together in the Jewish kitchen to create the wonderful meal.

Each of the faith communities held their respective afternoon/evening services consecutively with an opportunity to attend the worship of the other.

6:30 pm – Minhah and Ma’ariv Services

7:00 pm – Introduction and Learning Session

7:50 pm – Explanation of Maghrib (Muslim evening call to prayer)

8:00 pm — Sundown (Daily Ramadan Fast Ends): Maghrib

8:15 pm – Dinner