Lent with St John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church

March 21 2018   5 – 8pm – Service, dinner and dialogue

3850 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville

Atlantic Institute were delighted to share in worship for Lent (Litergy of the Presanctified Gifts) with St John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church on Wednesday March 21. The beautiful service during which we all read a Psalm, was followed by a delicious shared meal of spanakopita with the congregation. We then learnt more about Orthodox traditions and Lent leading up to Easter on April 8. Fr. Nick Louh allowed us an up-close viewing and discussion of their beautiful alter, paintings and icons. It was this study after the service that provided the unique opportunity for a more in depth understanding of their rituals, paintings, icons and colours used, allowing us to ask as many questions as we wanted. It is these personal interactions and communicative dialogue that brings us together and celebrates our wonderful diversity.