Members of Jacksonville’s interfaith community were welcomed to the Hindu Society of NE Florida ( on Sunday April 14, 2019. This was a delightful opportunity to experience Indian culture, tradition and faith at the temple to celebrate its auspicious twelfth year. April 14 is significant on the Hindu calendar in celebrating the birth of Lord Rama that day – honoring Dharma (Righteous Living) and marking the victory of virtue over evil.

From the very first moment we arrived we were so warmly greeted and welcomed by volunteers. The opportunity to sit in the worship hall where guests were treated to Communal devotional worship (Aarati), taking in the smell of sandalwood, the color and beauty of Ganesh and other deity’s, and the harmonies of chanting prayers. We were then welcomed by head priest Pandit Kadambi Srinathji followed by Chair Dr Sudhir Prahbu’s informative Hindu 101 overview. The audience was then treated to the color of Indian culture through musical and dance performances. The concentration and impeccable timing from the drummers and the level of skill in the beautiful fluid movement of the dancers enhanced by the stunning costumes, was a delight to watch. The joyous faces and colorful costumes of the dancers in the Harvest & Marital Blessing Dance, really highlighted their delight and happiness in performing. The delicious meal following the event was a perfect ending to such a well-planned and informative evening.