On August 12, 2021 a virtual conversation was held exploring the varied perspectives of a Baha’i, Christian, Hindu, Humanism, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh as they delved into their own religion’s explanations concerning the havoc wreaked on humans by collapsing condominiums, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, fires, floods, droughts and an array of other calamities. 

Are such horrors caused or controlled by a divine being? A malevolent force? Nature? Chance? Some combination of causes? Or something else altogether?

Joey McKinnon, Board Chair of the Interfaith Center of Northeast Florida will be the program host; and James Coffin, Executive Director of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida, will be the moderator.

Our panelists are:

1. Dr. Rosemary Closson of Baha’i Local Spiritual Assembly of Seminole County East

2. Rev. Regina Jackson of Restoration of Truth Ministries (Christian)

3. Dr. Shakti Persad of Sri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir in Orlando (Hindu)

4. Jocelyn Williamson of the Central Florida Freethought Community (Humanist)

5. Rabbi Steve Engel of Congregation of Reform Judaism, Orlando (Jewish)

6. Dr. Parvez Ahmed of Interfaith Center of Northeast Florida (Muslim)

7. Sukhbir and Sargum Singh of Sikh Society of North East Florida (Sikh)

     Thursday, August 12      7 – 8pm  

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    A free virtual forum via Zoom and Facebook, hosted by the Interfaith Center of Northeast Florida and the Interfaith Council of Central Florida.

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