Sunday September 15 2019 4:30 – 7:30pm – interfaith prayers and dinner
The Sikh Society of North East Florida (SSNEF): 6019 Morrow St E, Jacksonville FL 32217

Interfaith Center of North East Florida were delighted to celebrate with the Sikh Society of North East Florida’s (SSNEF) their grand commemoration of 550th Birth Anniversary of His Holiness Guru Nanak Dev Ji and 6th Anniversary of Jacksonville Gurudwara Sahib.

At the event themed One Humanity, One God more than a dozen clergy of varying faiths in Jacksonville, contributed interfaith prayers speaking about overall human welfare and prosperity, peace and gratitude.

Sikh children sang and presented teachings and preaching of great Guru and the Sikh musicians also performed prayers and song. It was a pleasure to watch the displays of knowledge and devotion.

SSNEF is contributing towards the bonding of Jacksonville to the basic tenant of Oneness meaning “We are all One!” We wish to thank SSNEF and all donors, contributors and volunteers who worked towards the successful event.