Thursday is the gateway to the weekend. The weekend is when we spend time with those we love, take a break from our work routine and, for many, visit our place of worship. What if Thursday could mean something more? What if Thursday became a day for all faith traditions and worldviews in Jacksonville to come together before going our separate ways on the weekend?

Introducing Theology Thursday: It is a positive place of prayer for all people.
At 6 p.m. every Thursday, we will gather on a virtual platform (link below) to be led in prayer by a local faith leader. The gathering is open to all and will serve as a reminder of all we hold in common. Theology Thursday is a collaboration between OneJax Institute at the University of North Florida, The Istanbul Cultural Center at Jacksonville and The Interfaith Center of Northeast Florida.


Thursday June 11

Guest faith leaders include Kalilah Jamall & Matt Hartley.

Thursday June 4

Guest faith leaders include Rev. Tiffany McCall, Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner, Dr. Kyle Reese & Matt Hartley.

Thursday May 28

Guest faith leaders include Leslie Kaplan, Basma Alawee, Dr. Kyle Reese & Matt Hartley.

Thursday May 21

Guest faith leaders include Dr. Kyle Reese, Matt & Lila Hartley, Sel and Angie Buyuksarac.

Thursday May 14

Guest faith leaders include Dr. Kyle Reese, Rob Vincent, Sukhbir & Surgum Sing and Imam Bilal Malic

Thursday May 7

Theology Thursday begins May 7, which happens to be the National Day of Prayer. The first Theology Thursday will be led by local faith leaders Dr. Kyle Reese, Kanybek Ibraev and Cantor Carrie Barry.